Virac dad arrested for raping daughter
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Virac police authorities arrested a man in his 40s after he was accused of rape by his own teenaged daughter last week.

According to several sources, the alleged sexual abuse committed by the suspect against the only girl among his five children happened sometime in the early morning of June 17, 2019 inside the small house occupied by the family in a poblacion barangay. The victim arrived shortly after midnight, having attended a birthday party of a friend.

When the crime occurred, the eldest was not yet at home while the other children were already asleep. The suspect had been raising the family for years now after his wife left him and their kids.

When daylight came, the victim immediately reported the matter to the barangay secretary, who then called the police.

The suspect had been working as a helper in a meat shop for more than 10 years and earned enough to support his five children, often asking his boss to take time off so he could cook food and wash clothes at home.

He was known to be kind and not a regular drinker of intoxicating liquor but that Sunday, June 16, he was asked to drink gin by two pedicab drivers who was not exactly known to him.

During the drinking spree that started that morning, the pedicab drivers told him lecherous tales of what he should do to remedy the absence of a wife. A co-worker reportedly hid the remaining bottle of gin so that the trio would stop.

According to someone close to the family, the suspect’s children want their father to rot in jail while his boss has so far declined from visiting him in jail in anger at what he did.

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