SurTe confers Gov. Cua honorary membership
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SurTe, a Catanduanes homegrown literary group bestowed the “gamgam” status to Gov. Joseph B. Cua for showing generous support to the advocacy of the group, that is the development of Bicol literary writing and appreciation.

“Gamgam” stands for bird that represents the honorary membership conferred by the group to any individual that shows committed support to the advocacy of promoting the literature of the Bicol and raising the awareness and sensibilities of Catandunganon towards literary appreciation. 

The SurTe group acknowledged that since it started holding activities, the governor shared the same passion by sponsoring most of its programs.

Its founder-president, Dr. Adem Nalu V. Rubio, recognized how the Local Government Unit through the governor’s office believed in this kind of advocacy.

“This is pure advocacy that started in 2016 and now we already conducted provincewide workshop and launched book from our member. This advocacy touches the soft element of our society, our own language, our culture, our identity. We want kids to love writing our own language”, said Dr. Rubio.

The group also admitted that it has no any better return of investment but were glad that a politician would dare to embrace the kind of project.

Gov. Cua, however, said how he liked the group because it is an initiative of a selfless civic movement coming from the community that aims to help the community.

“The contribution to our heritage itself is a return of investment. We need more projects like this that caters the soft elements of society”, the governor explained.

SurTe stands specifically for the language of del Sur and del Norte or that of the two distinct main languages present in the island, that is the one with difficult to pronounce “L” sound in southern part of the province and the other with abound “R” sound, often called also as “bonor” in northern. The literary group has established linkages to other literary circles in mainland especially recognizing Parasurat Bikolnon, Inc. as its mother organization in the Bicol as way of its strengthening its advocacy,

Beside from “Gamgam” status for membership, SurTe has also five other ways of granting membership and status, namely: “Dahon” (leaf), when a dilettante is supporting the group but did not yet undergo selection process;  “Sanga” (branch),  a status given to member who passed selection procedures and finished the workshop; “Puon” (stem), a status given to member who, after completing the workshop, continues to write and comply with the mandates of the group; “Ugat” (root), the highest status given to member who achieved a remarkable feat in writing at the same time upholding the goal of SurTe; and “Kadagaan” (soil), refers to the founders and the adviser of SurTe.

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