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Scene from "My Two Mommies." A good character contrast provided by Paolo Ballesteros and Solenn Heusaff.

Actor Paolo Ballesteros is the actor to beat after Die Beautiful but sad to say his succeeding films didn’t impress just as well.

In some assignments, his character has become caricature which manages to draw laughter for asinine reasons.

But in his recent film, My Two Mommies, Ballesteros is back with a vengeance and the brand of motherhood (more like fatherhood) of his character slowly grows with confidence and managed to wrap up a memorable character. The result is that he won audiences at the end of the screening.

Of course, many factors worked in his favor.

For one, the script of Joey Javier Reyes is a well-written one and managed to carve characters that avoided clichés.

The character of Ballesteros won hands down because of the good contrast provided by the other mother played with conviction by Solenn Heussaff.

He tends to spoil, and she will not have none of that. She has all the rules pinned down for raising a child, but he is the opposite. His character uses instincts more than textbook rules and the result is a wacky film full of lessons – funny and real-- on early parenthood.

Apart from the good lead actors, My Two Mommies is complimented by equally sensitive ensemble.

The lover role of Joem Bascon finds a good contrast with Heusaff’s husband, superbly played by Billy Ray Gallion. The story is tied down with a good performance of the child played with casual confidence by Marcus Cabais. His French background gives the film a highly literate flavor even as his reading preferences contrasted with the taste of his biological father.

Maricel Soriano plays whacky mother figure to Ballesteros and indeed, her brand of hysterics was restrained beautifully by the script of Reyes. She was almost her old self, taray and all, but by a stroke of good writing, her character emerged tempered and well-defined, judgmental and forgiving in the end.

This film looks into the predicament of gay couples raising a child and finds abundant humor in every frame of a story that delves lovingly into every gender sensitivity issue. In the beginning, ‘motherhood’ is a strange word in the character of Ballesteros but midway into the film, an evolution emerged and for once, the reluctant ‘mother’ embraced fatherhood and loving it to the hilt.

To the consternation of the official family of Heusaff.

The film is a good portrait of gay couples answering the call of parenthood. The character of Cabais looks at the issue with an open mind and the young actor delivered. The good thing is that he doesn’t try too hard and the result is a spontaneous character portrayal.

As it is, My Two Mommies directed by Eric Quizon is a winner anyway you look at it.

In this film, Quizon’s directorial hand is at its best translating Reyes’ script into a beautiful tale of two mother figures.

Under Quizon, the characters became larger than life and the beauty of it all is that he avoided scenes that will make the character of Ballesteros an object of derision.

In the end, Regal Films had a winner and indeed the film is deserving of the Grade A rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board.

“My Two Mommies” is now showing in cinemas.

Paolo Ballesteros. Finally another good acting vehicle after "Die Beautiful."
The cast of "My Two Mommies" during the premiere night. A winner anyway you look at it.
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