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Matteo Guidicelli with Shaina Magdayao. They can pretty much relate to their roles in "Single Single."

On this late afternoon encounter, Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidicelli are in high spirits and eager to say something about their latest film, Single Single: Love Is Not Enough.

The new movie started as a TV series and owing to its consistently good following, they decided to make a movie out of it.

Writer Lilit Reyes says the movie begins where the TV series ends. “It is a totally new story with more locations and a totally new twist. Otherwise, it is the same story of two millennials coping with young adult pains and the responsibility that go with it. I must say everyone – millennial and non-millennial -- can relate with the story.”

One way or the other, Matteo says he can relate with his role. “It is about millennials coming to terms with new responsibility and being tested as to how far love can last as the going gets rough. We all go through this one way or the other. For this reason, portraying the part was a breeze. I am a millennial myself and I am in touch with sad reality every millennial must face.”

Matteo was initially associated with a racing career where he was a three-time winner of the Karter of the Year award. The grandson of the late Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan, Matteo got interested in acting after taking workshops at the New York Academy. He also underwent studies in performing arts in Chicago and came back to the Philippines ready for initial challenge. “Having lived in the US for many years, I knew what millennials go through. Unwanted pregnancies almost always lead to abortion clinics because they are not ready for parenthood. What they don’t know is that having a baby is a blessing, a gift of life and should not be misconstrued as a ‘mistake.’ Millennials sometimes realize this later and sometimes it is too late to start all over. Coping with bills and unwanted pregnancies are too much for them late and soon.”

Shaina joined showbiz at an early age and by this time, she is a veteran of coping with millennial blues. “Yes, at some point, you can say love is not enough. The responsibilities involved sometimes weigh you down and not even pure love can solve the difficulties and the complications that might arise. At some point in your life, you decide it is sometimes better to let go. Life teaches you this and indeed life is a good teacher.”

While she has not experienced motherhood that her character suddenly jumped into, she has portrayed mother roles at least in teleseryes. “Earlier, I played the role of a mother who lost her baby. My latest role is a pregnant mother in Asintado. Somehow, I learned to project what I see in film roles and what I see. Indeed, difficult pregnancies sometimes make things hard for millennials. They are not used to that and these are scenes taken up in Single Single. These stages actually help them come of age.”

Matteo can only agree. “Millennials have big dreams but not all of them are willing to make a big sacrifice to attain them. Sometimes they live for the moment and not knowing what the future will hold for them. I can relate to this millennial predicament. When you reach adult age, you start dreaming and sometimes not all of them are easily reachable. But in all these millennial yearnings, I only have one goal in mind and that is a to become a better version of myself.”

Directed by Ronnie Velasco and Pablo Biglang-awa, Single Single: Love Is Not Enough also stars Cherie Gil, Ricky Davao, Anna Luna, Brian Sy, Wil Devaughn and JC Santos. It opened in cinemas May 2.

Matteo Guidicelli as a lounge singer in "Single Single: Love Is Not Enough." His goal is only to become a better version of his old self.
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