Man in rape, killing of teener eluded police for 5 months
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A 31-year old man arrested in Virac two weeks ago for the brutal rape and killing of a teener in San Andres town had eluded policemen for five months by frequently changing his appearance.

Last March 15, the road finally ended for Rey Tornilla Sorreda, 31, when he was arrested by PO3 Jigger Tacorda  and San Andres lawmen in barangay Danicop on the basis of a warrant issued by Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 42 Acting Presiding Judge Lelu P. Contreras for the crime of rape with homicide docketed under Criminal Case No. 6157 with no bail recommended.

Information filed before the Court stated that on Oct. 12, 2016, Lara Jane (not her real name) went missing after 2 P.M. Two days later, Noemi Solero was in the hill above barangay Batong Paluway when she came upon a decomposing body with no lower garments near a creek and immediately informed barangay officials and the family of the missing girl.

Authorities and devastated family members later identified the unrecognizable body, with its face and forearm smashed by a heavy object, as that of Lara Jane based on her clothes and the school bag found several maters away. A black T-shirt with the marking “Modern Line” was also found near the body.

Before the girl disappeared, the Grade 5 pupil at Batong Paluway Elementary School had come home early, telling her mother that the gate was already closed. Scolded by her mother, the girl replied: “Nabulad na ako, Mama, mag paescuelahan.” She then went out to play in a nearby hut.

Sorreda, wearing shorts and a black T-shirt with the marking “Modern Line,” arrived soon after and asked the mother why she was scolding the child. The victim’s mom later told the police that Sorreda was under the influence of liquor and was very chatty.

A witness later told investigators that Sorreda, wearing the black shirt, told him that he was going to Lara Jane’s mother after drinking “bilog” at the neighbor. A tricycle driver also recalled Sorreda boarding his vehicle at the foot of the hill in the afternoon of Oct. 12 but without his upper garment

The suspect in the gruesome crime then went missing, reportedly staying in different houses and frequently changing his attire, but not the cap that he often wore.

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