Family of first CSC president donates P3M for construction of Cyber Building
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Just a stone’s throw from the main building of the Catanduanes State University, workers are in the midst of pouring concrete for the columns of what would become the PG Tabuzo Cyber Building, named after the institution’s first president: the educator Pedro G. Tabuzo of Salvacion, Virac.

As their gesture of love for the pioneering educational leader in the province, as well as of their affection to the CSU community, his daughter and niece - Ms. Amelia A. Tabuzo and Atty. Eleanor A. Tabuzo - donated P1.5 million each for the construction of the edifice.

Matching the generosity of the donors, the CSU administration also provided P1 million in counterpart funding for the project, which when completed would be a two-story, 8 meter by 27 meter concrete building. Construction began in November 2013, a month after the groundbreaking during the First Foundation Anniversary of the university in October.

“Awat nang pangaturugan ini kan pioneer sa edukasyon,” former CSC professor Dr. Gloria Tabuzo shared, referring to the aspirations of Pedro G. Tabuzo who was one of the first University of the Philippines graduates from Catanduanes. She likewise expressed the family’s joy in contributing to the development of the university. Also present during the ceremony was the former president’s fourth child, subdivision developer Elmo Tabuzo, and his wife Raidis.

In response, the CSU administration, headed by President Dr. Minerva Morales, and the CSU community, professed their gratitude to Misses Amelia and Eleanor A. Tabuzo, as well as to the whole family of Pedro G. Tabuzo, for their benevolence and steadfast support to the educational aspirations of the youth of Catanduanes.

Ten years from its establishment as the Virac National and Agricultural Trade School (VNATS), the Catanduanes State Colleges came into being in 1971 following the enactment of Republic Act 6341, sponsored by then Congressman Jose U. Alberto, that converted VNATS into a state college.

Pedro Tabuzo, then nearing retirement, was appointed as the first CSC president through the intercession of Rep. Alberto who was his student during high school. The next year when Martial Law was declared, Tabuzo left office along with the other presidential appointees. He died in 1986 at age 78, leaving behind his wife Melitona who followed him nine years later.

After finishing his education degree at UP, Tabuzo began a remarkable career as an educator, establishing schools in then Calolbon and Viga before he founded the Catanduanes College in Virac in 1937 with the support of investors.

The Tabuzo couple had five children: the late Customs examiner Edgar, the late DPWH construction section chief Engr. Octavius, United States-based pharmacist Amelia, contractor-developer Elmo, and US-based Ben. (GSR)

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