Entitled to P1-M project subsidy: Three towns here get DILG’s Seal of Good Housekeeping
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TheDepartment of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has conferred its Sealof Good Housekeeping on the towns of Pandan, San Miguel and Viga for havingpassed the agency’s 2011 assessment on good governance and performance.

“Thisis an affirmation of your commitment for good governance and performanceparticularly in demonstrating transparency and greater accountability puttingvalue on the full disclosure policy to

encourageconstituents’ and stakeholders’ participation in governance, and the practiceof sound fiscal management highlighted by the absence of adverse COA Opinion inyour financial statements and transactions,” DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo toldMayor Restituto de Quiros of Pandan, Mayor Edna Bernal of San Miguel, and MayorAbelardo Abundo Sr. in separate letters handcarried by DILG provincialofficials last week.

“Weencourage you to continue improving your performance towards excellence inlocal governance for a more efficient and effective service delivery to ourpeople and continuing improvement in our development outcomes,” Robredo urgedthe three mayors.

Sec.Robredo informed the three local chief executives that their respective LGUsare entitled to access the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF), a subsidy toassist the LGU to jumpstart local development initiatives aligned with thethrusts and priorities of the national government.

ThePCF is in the form of a counterpart funding, usually P1 million according toDILG officials, for 20% Local Development Projects in the Annual InvestmentProgram (AIP) and funded out of the 20% Local Development Fund which are gearedtowards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), boostingtourism and local economic development and preparing for disasters and thephenomenon brought about by climate change.

TheLGUs have been given 30 days within which to submit a letter of intent, projectproposal documents, Sanggunian resolution authorizing the LCE to enter into amemorandum of agreement, approving the allocation of counterpart funds to thePCF subsidy, and certifying that the project is included in the 2011 AIP. Asidefrom certifications from the budget officer and treasurer that the project hasa fund allocation in the 20% LDF and that the fund is available, the LGU alsohas to present a certification from a government bank that the LGU has opened aspecial account purposely for the PCF and LGU counterpart.

TheDILG also said that under the PCF guidelines, the LGU must utilize 75% of itscounterpart fund for the identified project before the PCF subsidy would bereleased.

Accordingto the DILG provincial office, the three towns made the grade during Round 1 ofthe assessment while two others – San Andres and Virac – passed the secondround. They, too, will be given the Seal of Good Housekeeping by the DILG.

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