VG Teves wants end to onerous CPGI contract
Spearheaded by Vice Governor Jose “Bong” Teves, Jr., the Sangguniang Panlalawigan has passed a resolution strongly recommending the termination of the sublease agreement between the First Catanduanes Electric Cooperative, Inc. (FICELCO) and the Catanduanes Power Generation, Inc. (CPGI)…
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Tang Panoy Santiago commented on article Seeing opportunity in calamity?
7 days ago  ·  
Josef Guerrero commented on article Our next President?
no if it is true that he amassed that much of ill gotten wealth as a mayor how much more when he becomes the president of the our country. being in such position as head of the state , he will wield enormous power where he can steamroll any investigation of wrong doing by him or his men in his behalf. am pretty sure in some point he'll use executive privilege as what other presidents did. this early he has a knack of avoiding, defying, ignoring the investigation being done by a committee in the senate .
25 days ago  ·  
Manay Cely I know that you can handle everything and finish all the project that you have said, for the good of all the people of catanduanes island , but if i can suggest, i want you to do something with the whole catanduanes to have WIFI free this maybe help more improvement in our tourism, for the international tourist communication is very important, we have a very nice, interesting rich by nature island, we can promote, and introduce as eco tourism... congrats manay cely your the best...God bless
1-Oct-2014  ·  
Naes Velchez commented on article EBMC employees to join Alliance of Health Workers
Tama! dai ta ilaum sa mga pulitiko ang satuyang kaligtasan. ang importante mag adal kita bilang mga obrero asin magka sararo tanganing mai purisge ta an satuyang mga interes asin kahagadan.
22-Sep-2014  ·  
Evelyn Hilario commented on article The Doncillo affair
I am just saddened by this news , applicants in waiting who are well qualified once employed will be given political colour. I would like to believe that no Superintendent would risk his career appointing poor educators that will reflect the standard of education in the province that he supervises. In-line with this how I wish Superintendent Doncillo be given his place and time in Catanduanes for whatever his action is will always be subject to results in the future in terms of Awards and true Surveys.
7-Sep-2014  ·  
Thanks FIDA, especially to Anne Molina of Region V PhiliFIDA office. Hoping they to be more active and intimate in facilitating for the needs of Catanduanes abaca farmers..
22-Aug-2014  ·  
My Ateneo MBA classmate told me good things about Mr. Olonan. I don't know him personally but the guy might do some wonders in our province. Why not give him a shot..
18-Aug-2014  ·  
Yes he truly is from Payo. Had it not been for the emergency call slip for a shooting of a film, Payo had him as a guest for the fiesta affairs and also to visit his families of Velasco and Quintana.
24-Jul-2014  ·  
Jim Reyes commented on article Catanduanes tourism, where to?
I totally agree with you sir on your opinion on tourism. It is basically all lip service from our leaders probably in aid of election in 2016. As what you said this a private sector driven industry and without any active plans or marketing strategy this will remain dreams forever. There was a tourism summit in Albay just recently what have we learned from there?
24-Jun-2014  ·  
Jim Reyes commented on article Local leaders will be tested in new tourism drive
Siguro because of its huge delegation and scope this was never touch but with the presence of the tourism leaders national and regional baka informally na touch or nai lobby man lang...Cheers!
24-Jun-2014  ·  
Jim Reyes commented on article Local leaders will be tested in new tourism drive
Mayor Obet Fernandez has in his list 9 potential tourist spot for development. Don't know if this was presented and noticed in that summit and or ever get potential funding in the near future. Anyone who have idea may we be updated po. Salamat
24-Jun-2014  ·  
I have been going the rounds and can see half the price of 85k pesos. My suggestion is for the LGU to initiate few lamp post for the people to see this is reality, enthusiasm will follow and eventually passion. With a sincere support from the LGU, I can see donors coming in to offer help and get a dip of the existing problem of the province. The PCES building in Payo did not even come from Dept of Education nor from the LGU but from the people. I am hopeful this can be replicated. How about LGU leading this
23-Jun-2014  ·  
Hi Jim, I support your idea of solar streetlights. However, we may also consider solar streetlights are still expensive at P85,000/lampost (including batteries). Although, since 2010, we observed improvements in terms of price (downtrend) due to increasing competition among suppliers and improving efficiency in lighting technology.
22-Jun-2014  ·  
k l commented on article Pagkarinuluya nindo diyan sa PEO!!
dapat ganito ang gawin sa kontrata ng solar: 1. Power purchase agreement- Hindi bibilhin ang buong sistema ng solar kundi bibilhin lamang ang kuryente na gagamitin, hindi yung mage-generate. Walang gamit kapag walang pasok ang kapitolyo. 2. Dapat ang solar proponent ang magmaintain ng solar PV. 3. Dapat ang solar proponent, mayron nang previous experience of the same project.
22-Jun-2014  ·  
Available capacity therefore can be used for households with minimum brownout situation and you make your stakeholders a little bit relieved. Managing the power crisis of the grid is now less of a burden. This is a direct answer to the issue of COAL proposal . Renewable energy exist and works. The only problem I see is , since people will directly donate solar post there will be no SOP and With SOP in mind I am concern this will not get support.
22-Jun-2014  ·  
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